Stocking Your Carrier Oil Pantry
Stocking Your Carrier Oil Pantry
[Free] 3-Part Workshop
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This workshop is for you if...

You are looking for the most effective carrier oils for you formulations for salves, balms and herbal infusions


Long lists of carrier oils overwhelm you and making decisions on which to order is hard

You want to get more out of your essential oil blends by combining them with effective carrier oils
You want to create a versatile, effective and useful collection of carrier oils for all your upcoming projects

You buy carrier oils obsessively (hello blueberry seed oil! yum) but once you have them, then what?


You want your carrier oils to work as hard as your essential oils

[FREE] Guide to Carrier Oils for EO Blends & Herbal Infusions Included
[FREE PDF] Carrier Oils for Essential Oils, Aromatherapy & Herbal Infusions

The workshop is opening soon, in the meantime get started with a free copy of this handy guide to carrier oils.

Inside you'll find carrier oils for

  • Easing pain and inflammation 
  • Addressing breakouts and blemishes 
  • Minimizing and repairing scaring 
  • Best carrier's for use in roller ball applicators 
  • Carrier oils for infusing herbs and other botanicals

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I love studying with Susan. She has created groundbreaking material that is fun to learn. Her work has been critical to me to uncover my special passion using lipids in combination with other additions to a multitude of topical preparations. 

If you’re serious about developing your skills with carrier oil selection or even more complex Lipid based products, Susan Parker’s workshops and materials can’t be beat!!!
~Liz Zucco
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